Terms like “values,” “mission,” and “mission pillars” are often vague and used interchangeably, so we want to define what we mean by each of them.


  • Our values are the why behind our what. They are why we do what we do. They are the things that we are most passionate about, and the things we are willing to fight for, even if they are unpopular.
  • Our mission is what we do and it’s what we want to be known for in our community. All of our ministries ought to easily fall in line with our mission statement.
  • Our mission pillars serve to help us to evaluate our ministries and whether or not we are doing them as effectively as possible.

Our Values

Healthy Life Rhythms: God has created us for rest, work, and recreation.


Unconditional Relationships: Our love for others is based upon God’s love for us, not the manner in which others respond to us. 

UnityWe are one with the church of God. 

Movement: Jesus saved us for the works of God and His kingdom.

Engagement with Summit County: We desire to be known in Summit County and to make an impact for God’s Kingdom. 

Our Mission

As God's Children we provide compassion, community, and communion with Christ to the people in Summit County.

Our Mission Pillars

Receiving – We regularly receive God’s gifts of life, salvation, and the forgiveness of sins.

Gathering – We have been created for life together with others and regularly come together in church and home.

Inviting – We anticipate new people coming to our gatherings and actively invite others to join us. 

Responding – After listening to the needs of our community we express compassion by our loving response.